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Buying dog food can be intimidating, especially for a new dog owner when walking into the pet store with the millions of choices and types of foods.

What’s a person to do?

Awhile back we posted about the exciting announcement that Natural Balance® is now available in PetSmart®, and today we’re going to share some more about the variety and selection of premium pet products available from Natural Balance.


Natural Balance has been around since 1989. Their products are made in the USA and the results from all of their production runs are available and posted on their website. Their product line includes food for dogs and cats and ranges from wet to dry to so many options in between.

Natural Balance has cat food too! What do you mean? I’ve totally never sampled cat food before 😉

We went shopping at PetSmart to check out the new line and we were indeed blown away at the variety. There’s so much to choose from and try out that will have us going back many times.

I enjoy giving Bella, Terra, and Kronos a variety of food and treats and switching things up occasionally. Could you imagine eating the same food prepared the same way every day for the rest of your life? I certainly could not, and I know Bella, Terra, and Kronos enjoy different flavors and variety too.


I also switch up how Bella, Terra, and Kronos are given their food to keep things interesting. Sometimes they’ll get fed in their bowls, work on puzzles for their mealtimes, dig it out of a Kong, or we’ll do tricks and conditioning training (using Fit Paws, an Agility jump, or upside down dog food bowl or bucket among other items) with the food. The variety of food and treat types is great depending on what we’re doing too. As great as wet, dehydrated, or raw can be, something about a jerky training treat or quickly eaten small piece of kibble cannot be beaten in convenience and ease when training.

We got some stews, canned food, and dog food rolls to try.

While the stews may be intended as a meal for smaller dogs, I use them as a meal topper mixed with dry food.

Perfect meal topper-yum!

The canned food is perfect for stuffing into Kongs. By packing the food tight while filling and then freezing, this is a perfect way to keep your pup entertained and busy for a long time.

This usually keeps Bella, Terra, and Kronos busy for a couple of hours working away at the frozen wet food. It’s a great workout for their jaws and tongues too! When they are done they like to take turns switching Kongs to try to get at the last bit of food down at the bottom of the other’s Kong. Sometimes then they’ll bring the Kongs and throw them at me asking for more.

The Kongs can be stuffed all kinds of ways too-wet mixed with dry, just wet, just dry, or with chopped up treats.

Getting the mixture of dry and the Lamb and Brown Rice canned food ready to stuff for the Kongs
Can I have my Kong now? Kronos may put his paws up on the counter, but I’m so happy he does not counter surf. Terra unfortunately learned that behavior before I got her
Waiting for our Kongs

If you have a pup who is sensitive to certain ingredients, Natural Balance has a Limited Ingredient and Grain Free product line too. Or if you have a portly pup who could lose a few pounds, in addition to increasing exercise and maintaining portion control, you can try out the Weight Management formula. For those who have a little wild streak or need a higher protein content along with grain-free, check out the Wild Pursuit line. Higher quality food goes longer in so many ways with more energy, smaller portions for a longer lasting bag, and a happy and healthy pet overall. A few we’re looking forward to trying are the Lamb Lung and Venison Bites, the Roll-A-Rounds, and one of the flavors of the Wild Pursuit dry food.

Natural Balance is also doing a campaign to celebrate Natural Character in pets! Make sure to check out their website and submit your own pet-you may also see Bella and Kronos in there and a video of Terra from when we saw Natural Balance this year at BlogPaws.

Can we have some more please?

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What are some of your pet’s favorite Natural Balance treats and products? We’d love to hear! Please share with us in a comment below.

Live Life to the Fullest,

Tiffany, Bella, Terra, and Kronos

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