A self-entertaining dog toy

A toy for a dog to play by itself? I’ll admit this was a very strange concept to me. Yes, puzzles are basically toys where the dogs play by themselves, but they are playing to get the food or treats out. However, many of the games and toys we have are interactive and the pups enjoy playing with a person including fetch and Frisbee. Rolling a ball around for hours with no definitive purpose?

When we were at BlogPaws in Nashville, one of the booths was for a Tuggo Dog Toy.

The Tuggo toy is a hollow ball threaded through with a rope that can be filled with water or sand to adjust its weight.

It was inspired by two Boxers playing with a bowling ball for hours.

It’s even been tested by zoo animals such as Tigers and Lions as an enrichment toy.

There are two toy sizes:

10” which holds up to 18 lbs of water and is best for any dog over 40 lbs

7” mini which holds up to 6 lbs of water and is best for any dog up to 40 lbs

I was curious to see what Kronos would think and if he would play with it (I was hoping it might help take an edge off his craziness too). I figured the girls wouldn’t care too much for it.

While I thought Kronos might enjoy playing with it on his own, he much preferred to play with the toy with me.

The Verdict

While some dogs might enjoy playing on their own for hours with a toy like the Tuggo, it is definitely not the toy for us. With lots of one-on-one interactive training, daily walks, games, and activities, Bella, Terra, and Kronos weren’t very interested in it.

Kronos is one who especially enjoys interactive games with a person (mainly me). He loves the attention and many of the games and things he likes to do he won’t do without an audience such as playing with the blanket or pillow and digging and jumping in the water trough. He’ll also goof off with a toy on his own, but he always checks to see if I’m watching or laughing. If I leave he quickly drops the toy and trots after me. Playing together is not only a fun activity, but also a wonderful bonding opportunity.

But if you’re too busy or have a pup who likes to play with toys by itself, maybe the Tuggo toy would be the perfect toy.

We may see if our friend’s pup would like this toy and use it how it was intended. Her Heeler is high drive and toy crazy, so maybe he’d play with this toy by himself.

Do you think your pup would enjoy a toy like the Tuggo? Let us know in the comments. And if your pup would enjoy this toy, you can check out Tuggo’s website.

We were not compensated for this review-we were provided with a Tuggo toy in exchange for a review. Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs only shares information that we feel will be beneficial to our readers. Tuggo is not responsible for the content of this article.

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  1. That looks like an interesting concept! I’m sorry your pups didn’t like it very much! Phoenix will pull toys out and play by herself, I think she was alone a lot with her previous family when I got her she didn’t even know what to do with me when I wanted to play with her. So sad. She’s learned a few of my games but she still likes to play by herself, too! She mostly goes for soft toys, though.

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