Win a case of RedBarn Dipped Biscuit Treats #Giveaway

We’ve been a fan of RedBarn Premium Pet Products for years and have had the opportunity to review some of their products including Bully Slices and Filled Rolled Rawhides. We recently partnered with RedBarn Premium Pet Products for their #WhyILoveMyPet giveaway where fans had a chance to win a custom treat jar with their pet’s name on it and $100 worth of treats.

Kronos was pretty excited to open the package and check it out.

We absolutely loved the custom treat jar!

A place to put more treats?!

If you’re not familiar with RedBarn, here’s a short intro to them:

  • Most of their products are made in the USA (make sure to look for a “Made in the USA” sticker on the packaging)
  • They offer a variety of products from bully sticks to rolled food
  • The company’s mission is to produce healthy, wholesome, and innovative pet foods and treats

 We shared our Dipped Biscuit treats with our doggie friends and they liked the treats.

Meet Absolutely Astro-he’ll soon be our newest cousin <3 We’ve enjoyed sharing our multitude of treats and doggie products with him

Now we’re super excited for you to have a chance to win a case of Dipped Biscuit treats!
Enter via the widget below! Giveaway ends April 16th, 2017. Share with your friends and family so they have a chance to win too!

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70 comments on “Win a case of RedBarn Dipped Biscuit Treats #Giveaway

  1. I’ve heard great things about Redbarn products, but haven’t tried them for my dogs – yet. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds and they love just about any type of food or snack you give them. I try to only give them healthy products, and the quality of Redbarn is great!

  2. I have only heard of Redbarn. I enjoy reading the reviews to find a good treat for my dogs. We feed Milk Bones when they get treats.

  3. I have heard of them but never tried any of their products. My dog likes just about any kind of treat!

  4. yes, i have purchase many Red Barn products. the raw, and their treats. found out abt then at the dog shows, they were not in retail stores then. this was abt 15 yrs ago.

  5. Yes, I have heard of RedBarn. My dogs love their chews. My dogs also love jerky treats and PB dog biscuits.

  6. We’ve heard of RedBarn but never tried the dipped biscuit treats. Our dog, Ace, has an Instagram too. @1smartace

  7. I have heard of RedBarn but I have not seen them at any stores near me. We look forward to tasting them

  8. I have heard of Red Barn & get their email often I have 2 Cocker Spaniels , Mollie 10 years old & Ollie ,5 years old & we also have our sons chow/ shepherd mix , Blondie & she is 13 years old. They all 3 love treats & I try to feed them healthier treats like jerky sticks or fresh carrots. They also get pigs ears occasionally & I have bought them some odor free bully sticks . I know they would love & enjoy the case of biscuits

  9. We haven’t tried any RedBarn products yet, but I’m pretty sure my 7 little furkids would be happy to remedy that! 🙂

  10. We haven’t tried them yet but I know Scarlett would love them! She’s a big fan of all “puppy” treats

    1. I have a small 20 lb Terrier mix and mostly treat with fresh produce but also give bully sticks and other natural chews. She would love either flavor, loves peanut butter, has not had bacon or cheese things as we aim low calorie to keep her in svelte shape !

  11. We love Redbarn products. All my dogs love their bullysticks the best, we buy them by the case every 8 weeks. Really hoping to get them to try these treats soon.

  12. My cat and dog both love Redbarn! My cat loves their wet food and my dog loves the all the stuff he can chew on like bully sticks and cow hooves. He would love to try the biscuits!

  13. Yes indeed I know RedBarn products very well. My pup enjoys all their bully sticks, pig ears and rawhide chews; I just make sure they are all marked as made in the USA!

  14. I have heard of Red Barn products just have not tried them as of yet but I know my 3 rescue dogs would love it!

  15. I’ve never heard of RedBarn products. My dog loves all treats! He’s not picky when it comes to treats!

  16. I have heard of Redbarn before but have never bought ant products for my dog – I’m sure she would love to try them!

  17. I have gotten some Redbarn treats for my black lab and she loved them! She’s be thrilled to win this awesome prize!

  18. I’ve tried the peanut butter bagels for my dogs – they love them – hope to win these treats too.

  19. I’m a new customer and never had an opportunity to try Red burn products before. This is a great chance to try out one of their product! Thanks for this chance!

  20. I have heard of Red Barn but never tried them, my dogs tend to be picky about their treats. I would love to try these.

  21. I haven’t tried any treats from Red Barn YET, but I just know my doggy would go crazy for the bully sticks!!

  22. I’ve heard of Red Barn but not sure my pugs have tried their products yet. They like any treats but I only buy them healthy grain-free products.

  23. Nala and Cody have tried red barn both their treats and canned food but when it comes to red barn treats the choppers are their favorite.

  24. I am on the hunt fr this , I have 3 heelers and 2 can’t have any kind of chicken … so this is something I will look into …

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