Training Tips Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Take a Training Class With Your Dog

This week’s post is: 5 reasons to take a training class with your dog*.

We’re co-hosting this Blog Hop with DOGthusiastTraining Tip Tuesday blog hop about dog training and behavior. The hop is the perfect place to discover what others are doing with their dogs or to let others know what you’re doing with your dogs.

You could be teaching your dog a simple sit; working with your reactive dog and looking for support that your dog will be able to walk past that neighborhood dog or kid without losing his or her mind; or maybe you want to know more about the human-animal bond.

All of that and more will be found on the Tuesday Training Tips Blog Hop. The Training Tips Tuesday welcomes all dog lovers and trainers-from the pet parent to the professional trainer to the dog enthusiast. More information on the guidelines for the blog hop can be found here.

Let me take a few moments to introduce you to your host-DOGthusiast.

Jen deHaan is the owner of Stylish Canine and the author of DOGthusiast.
Stylish Canine offers unique and customized items from dog collars and leashes to decals and t-shirts!
DOGthusiast is a dog-focused blog that covers many things dog from training and behavior to living with active dogs to high-drive rescues looking for their forever homes. DOGthusiast is also hosting a gigantic summer giveaway.

Jen is owned by and shares her life with an adorable Kelpix mix named Mort and his partner in crime-an English Shepherd mix named Tig. We met Mort at BlogPaws 2014 in May at Lake Las Vegas.

Now onto our 5 Reasons to Take a Training Class with your dog.

Terra has been attending an Advance Manners training class for the past month. Two weeks ago she graduated the class and received a certificate upon completion.

The purpose of this class is that Terra is in training for her Canine Good Citizen so she can learn how to be a well behaved pup in public. The Canine Good Citizen “stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.” (Source: To pass the test, dogs must go through a series of exercises that simulate situations in the real world.

When Terra first joined me, this milestone would have been un-thought of! Terra was a major problem child.

She counter-surfed. She nipped people and herded them. She didn’t know her name. She didn’t know what a simple “sit” meant. She didn’t look to a person for direction. She made her own rules and played her own game. She chewed up anything and everything. She was an outside dog (i.e. she wasn’t house trained). Her attention span was nill. She was too smart for her own good and more often than not put her mind and energy toward mischief.

She was a terror.

But she was essentially an un-trained puppy in an adult dog’s body.

We have set to concentrated training and she has learned quite a few new tricks! Taking a training class is a wonderful thing and is highly recommended for people who want to train their dog and bond with their dog more. We think some form of training class should be mandatory for many first-time dog owners, or available for people who adopt dogs, but more about this will be discussed in a separate Blog Post.

Taking classes with your dog is beneficial for many reasons.

5 reasons to take a training class with your dog:

  1. You learn to communicate with, read, and respond better to your dog
  2. Your dog learns that you are fun and wants to respond to you
  3. Play enhances your relationship and increases your bond, and training is just that-play time with your dog
  4. Your dog learns to trust you and look to you
  5. Your dog will become better behaved from the time invested together in training

And that’s really the ultimate goal, isn’t it? You want to teach your dog not to jump, not to bite, not to pull, to listen on command, to play, to fetch, and to be better behaved overall. Training classes are a great way to do this. Although you don’t have to take a class to do so-you can definitely train your dog on your own.

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*This article was originally posted on Cattle Aussies, but it seemed like the perfect introduction post for our new Tuesday posting series.

7 comments on “Training Tips Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Take a Training Class With Your Dog

  1. Our dogs LOVE training class. Zoey wasn’t a fan of the other puppy in their class, but Scout was fascinated by the puppy. But we had so much fun and I would definitely do it again. Right now, I’m looking for a trainer who can come to our property to give our dogs a fun distraction.

  2. Mort has taken a couple of classes (in addition to sports stuff) – he *adores* learning. We started with a Flyball class as our first group training (why not, right?), which turned into the team stuff. And after that took a Stunts class (tricks), and Treibball. All great for focus, just “doing stuff”, and of course everything you mention above. I love the process of learning, and being part of that. Watch him figure out “what do you want me to do?” and try things. Or showing him, and seeing that lightbulb click.

    So glad you’re co-hosting the hop, and thanks so much for the kind mention of the dogs and blog in your post! Can’t wait to see where this all goes 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, Tig and I took agility and preferred to watch the feral cats behind the field while sunning herself. She could *do* it all, no problem learning, but has zero motivation. We work on motivation, and she’s all “yeah, right”. Stubborn dog is stubborn! I gave up after taking her to 12 classes, then substituting in Mort at one of them and having him do pretty much everything right off the bat 😉

      1. Tig says it’s beneath her and she’ll leave it to her crazy brother ;P Mort says “Let’s do it all!” 🙂 lol Those crazy Herding breeds! <3

    2. Wow! That’s awesome that you’ve tried all of that already! The “Ah-ha!” moment is the best part <3 We're excited to be co-hosting the hop! 🙂

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