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  1. ive been looking into getting an australian shepherd. after seeing your videos now im even more excited to teach them cool things like you did!!

  2. I love all the antics the dogs get up to. I used to breed Smithflied Blue cattle dogs long ago and found them faithful and excelent working dogs and my Bluey she was the bitch and a bitch she was as times. didn’t like the garbage man or electricity man hated the police and any truduers that came inothe yard. disliked cats but you harm my kids she would attack. Great cattle and sheep dogs/ Myth says they are related to the dingoe. I like Krona I look forward to photos the dogs are so active and happy.

  3. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for running a site on Australian Cattle Dogs. It’s been very difficult finding out any practical information regarding this breed. My fiance and I have been contemplating adopting one for a while. Definitely going to be reading all the information that you have here. Thanks again! -Dan

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