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Last Monday we posted a teaser photo on our Facebook page. This Monday we are excited to share with you what was actually in the package! The pups are quickly becoming accustomed to getting mail and know that packages mean fun and maybe delicious things. When the package was brought in, all three gave it a once over. Inside the box were some delicious items from The Honest Kitchen. We met THK at BlogPaws in Lake Las Vegas this last May and received some Quickies treats from them there. Quickies are small and adorably heart shaped dehydrated haddock treats. While they are fishy in scent, and that’s unappealing to me, Bella, Terra, & Kronos enjoyed the fishiness. The treats are the perfect size for training and we did end up using the Quickies as rewards for this session.

What was actually in the box?


Some Beams, a 2 lb. trial box of the Force formula, and a little Honest Kitchen Treat Recipe book!

If you haven’t heard of The Honest Kitchen yet, they are definitely a company you should know about if you care about the health of your animal companion and the quality of the food that you give to your animal friend.

Why we like The Honest Kitchen’s Products

  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Easy to read and understand ingredient panel
  • Healthy

If you are wondering what the term “human-grade” means, according to the Honest Kitchen’s website, it means the products are “produced to the exact same standards as the foods you eat,” and that they are produced “in a plant that actually produces human foods like bakery mixes, right alongside [The Honest Kitchen’s own] products.”  (Honest Kitchen website).

Have you watched the documentary “Food Inc.”? If not, we would highly recommend it (we are planning to watch “Fed Up” at some point too). It is important to us to know where our food comes from and what goes in it because what we eat translates into our energy levels, how we feel, and our health in general (anything that means less trips to the doctor or vet, right?).

While we currently do not feed the dehydrated food exclusively, Bella, Terra, and Kronos are huge fans of the food. They enjoy it occasionally as a full meal and as a topper for their normal dry kibble. The food smells delicious-indeed like a homemade meal, and the smell draws them to the kitchen where they wait a little impatiently for their meal.

The Force formula that we tried is the Chicken recipe, but there are a variety of formulas which have different proteins like beef or lean turkey.

If you are not familiar with dehydrated food, here is the process we used to make it:


  1. Scoop proper portion based on dog’s weight, activity level that day, and treats given during the day
  2. Re-hydrate with warm water (make sure the amount is proportionate to the dehydrated food used [amounts are given on the box])
  3. Stir in with additional supplements (optional) and wait a few minutes
    photo 3 (12)x
    Waiting patiently-bowties courtesy of Tino’s Dog Couture


  4. Enjoy!

We tried out the Beams when we went for a trip to the lake and for a hike.
photo 4 (6)

The Beams have only one ingredient which is dehydrated Catfish skin.
After swimming for awhile, the dogs each got a strip. They waited nicely for their treats before they chowed down.

Bella, Terra, and Kronos; Guest Appearance: Inca
Bella, Terra, and Kronos; Guest Appearance: Inca
Enjoying the Catfish skins
Enjoying the Catfish skins






After they were done, they even asked for another one (which everyone did get, but only because we had gone for a big hike and they had been swimming for awhile)

photo 3 (11)x
Kronos wearing my sun visor and laying on my bag-I swear he knew the Beams were in there

Now onto the fun part! You get a chance to win some dehydrated food!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What you win-2 lb dehydrated food of your choice from The Honest Kitchen
Winner will be randomly chosen
We will announce the winner in one of our Blog Posts
Giveaway ends 6/16/14

Disclaimer: We were not compensated for this post. We were provided with products which we chose to review. Opinions expressed herein are our own. Post may contain affiliate links. Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs will only share products which we either will use ourselves or that we truly believe in.

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  1. So excited to try this product! Sounds like my Stella will love the chicken flavor as much as your guys did! I’ve never used an honest kitchen food product before but I have tried their soaps and I think they’re a great product and love the company 🙂 thanks so much for offering this amazing giveaway!

    1. Thank you for entering Rita 🙂 All of their food products are a hit around here! The pups get so excited for the treats and food.

  2. Those catfish skins looked awesome! My dogs all go bonkers anytime their food has fish ingredients!

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