Bella’s First Therapy Dog Visit and Other News

We apologize for the late post! We had someone call to come look at our house (which we are in the process of selling) so we spent most of the day cleaning the house for it to be shown. Then we went and played in the river, because mom promised us an outing and we had to go somewhere while the people came to see the house.

Here we are down by the river. We found some nice deep spots to actually swim in, but most of it was deep enough only to wade in. Still, we ran up and down in the water then dried off in the grass on the banks.

We went to Tucson to the Pet Club and helped mom photograph the foster dogs and be ambassadors for the ACD breed. The background we brought blew over, and Bella had to hold it down while mom ran after the cover blowing across the parking lot. Mom was very proud of us and there were actually a lot more people than we thought there would be which was awesome! One of the pups was spoken for (which means she’s basically adopted and will be official once she has had all of her shots). We met some new friends and had a lot of fun.

Meet Peanut Butter-a 4 mo. old female ACD mix. She already has a home, but we had to share her with you. She is adorable, precious, and so sweet. You can check out more adoptable ACDs through Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue and you may see some of mom’s photos there too!

Kronos got to see Shirley-the lady who pulled his mom and littermates from the shelter. She was amazed at how big he’s gotten. Fosters love to see the pups and dogs they’ve fostered and see how they are doing.

Everyone was happy to meet him in person and commented on his good looks and long legs and skinny body lol Then after the event, we stopped by to see a friend who adopted Kronos’s brother-Rocky! She was so happy to meet Kronos and enjoyed seeing him. Kronos loved meeting her too though he tried to eat some of the baskets that were for sale-silly boy!

We are planning a litter reunion and cannot wait to see all the siblings again! The blue boys all look so similar and even the white pups have the same facial structure =)

Here we are hanging out at the Pet Club.

Bella got to visit our grandma in her recovery facility. Our grandma fell and broke her hip, and she had to have surgery to fix it. Now she’s in a Life Care Facility to do physical therapy and get her back on her feet again.


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