Cattle Aussie Product Critique: Peak Antlers

We received 3 large antlers to review. Two are elk antlers and one is a deer antler. We are so excited about these chews!

What follows is the Cattle Aussies Critique:

Photo Credit: Wind Wolf Photography/Tiffany Hughes

Here are the antlers we received-the deer is the one on the far left and the other two are elk antlers.

The antlers come in four different sizes: Small ($7.95), Medium ($9.95), Large ($15.95),

and Extra-Large ($23.95)

Waiting patiently to taste test the antlers

I thought Terra would like the deer antler the most, but it turns out her first pick was the elk antler. Kronos chose the deer antler, and Bella tried the second elk antler.

They are long-lasting and great for intense chewers. They are odorless (unlike many bully sticks and other chews) and they do not splinter or shatter (like cow hooves can) and they are not treated by radiation (like some raw hides are) and they are from the U.S.! We try to look for healthy treats and chews that are U.S. made. The antlers are healthy and all natural and provide a great workout for dog’s jaws. The best part is that the antlers are collected after they are shed from the ungulates!

The elk antler after 5-10 minutes of concentrated chewing-a little bit gone, but lots more to work on!

The antlers have lasted us 3 days so far and there’s barely a dent in most of them.

Terra and Kronos took to the antlers right away. Kronos even tried taking one during the product photo shoot! Bella was a bit harder to convince, but once the other two had started the chews for her, she happily gnawed on them.

The “Y” shape of the deer antler helped Bella hold the antler easier for chewing. All three pups had a bit of trouble keeping the elk antler with no hook still for effective chewing.

Social chew time-they kept trading their chews =)

However, we all took turns chewing all the antlers and enjoyed each one. The large size is great because it will last us longer, and it makes more sense to buy the bigger one for a bit more which will last longer.

Remember when you give your dog a chew to supervise until you know their chewing habits. Also, remove any pieces that may pose a choking hazard and remove pieces that become too small from chewing.

If you are looking for a long-lasting, natural, healthy chew, we’d definitely recommend getting an antler from the Peak Antler Company. The unique pieces of art that they offer for sale are also very beautiful! We enjoyed perusing the artworks.

~C.E.O.s (Canine Executive Officers)

Bella, Terra, & Kronos


You can find out more about Peak Antlers here:


*Disclaimer: We received no payment or compensation and we were provided with the sample product(s) for an honest review.

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