Pet Blogger Gift Exchange: It’s Dog or Nothing

Last year we participated in the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange hosted through Something Wagging This Way Comes.

Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange

The Gift exchange is where two bloggers are randomly paired up and then they share some things they’ve learned about that blog and give the other blog a shoutout.

This year we were paired with the blog It’s Dog or Nothing.

It’s Dog or Nothing features two Great Pyrenees pups named Mauja and Atka. The blog began as a concentrated place to share all things dog that the author Kelsie enjoyed sharing.


 The tagline is “Living Large; Living Fluffy,” which is a perfect fit given the very large and incredibly fluffy Great Pyrenees breed. I thought Terra had a lot of hair, but the amount she sheds is nothing compared to these snow white giants!


Mauja and Atka were recently included in Kelsie’s wedding and the pictures of the bride, groom, and dogs are gorgeous and sweet. Both pups look so sweet and the video of them trying to catch a ball was too cute.

You can see photos of Mauja, Atka, and Kelsie and follow their adventures and stories on their blog or a few of their social media accounts-Pinterest, TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

3 comments on “Pet Blogger Gift Exchange: It’s Dog or Nothing

  1. OMD! I’m so glad you included the picture of Atka and Mauja after grooming. I missed the picture on Kelsie’s blog and I don’t think I would have believed it without seeing it.

    I’ll never complain about my shedding golden retriever again.

    Thanks so much for your lovely gift to It’s Dog Or Nothing. And for joining the fun of the Pet Blogger’s gift exchange.

  2. What a nice post about Kelsie, Atka and Mauja. I’ve been following Kelsie’s blog for awhile now and she has a lot of interesting posts. Nice job!

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