Dogs and Their People BarkPost Book-coming October 2016!


We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be included in the new book called “Dogs and Their People” by BarkPost and BarkBox. According to BarkPost,Dogs And Their People is a hodgepodge of over 200 stories dealing in all things hilarious, heartwarming, harrowing, and hump-worthy.  BarkPost asked artist Dave Coverly to illustrate custom doodles for the book that sprinkle the pages of hundreds of pup photos.  The book is a compilation of personal anecdotes from around the globe and unique BarkPost content, touching on everything from weddings to travel, from butthead dogs who get away with the world to romantic tales of modern (dog) ruv, all anchored in celebrating what it means to be a kooky and devoted dog lover.”

The book is set to be on bookshelves in October 2016 and we’re looking forward to seeing all the stories and pups featured! Once it’s released we’ll share more about it.

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