Best Talker Semi-Finalist for Hallmark Channel #AmericanRescueDogShow! #BestInRescue

We are so excited to share that Kronos was chosen as a Semi-Finalist for the American Best in Rescue Dog Show in the “Best Talker” category. In early January we traveled to Hollywood to compete against the other contenders. The show is modeled after the AKC Dog Show, although it’s for rescue dogs.

On our way to Hollywood! Kronos has always liked to reach across the console and touch me with his nose or lay his head on me and fall asleep

The girls were watched by their aunt and uncle and Kronos and I took a solo trip out for the filming.

Such a looker

When we got to California we stopped by the hotel room briefly then were back in the car for some more driving to meet up with a friend and play with some amazing wolfdogs!

Our hotel room
Resting up for the show
What to choose?

We went to a couple of pet stores and Kronos picked out training treats and a chew.

I’ll take some of these please!

We were given individual dog runs with water bowls, and adorable beds as our dressing rooms, although we also brought Kronos’s pop up crate so he could rest in there.

Adorable beds provided by Majestic Pet
Relaxing in his “trailer”
American Rescue Dog Show

After filming was done, Kronos got to eat his pig ear chew.

The show aired on Hallmark Channel February 19th and the whole show can be seen on Hallmark’s website.

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