Trick Dog Meet Up

In early December we met up with a few other Trick Dog friends. The last time we’d seen CJ and Jasmine was at the Pet Expo a few years ago, and we’ve never met Sara and Hero in person before-though we follow her and have spoken online.

Along with Heather and Jesse, we met up at a park near where Sara was staying with a traveling performing canine team.

Hero was absolutely adorable. He is bigger than all of my pups, though in some pictures Terra looked bigger than him! He reminded me of Kronos in some ways and Hero enjoyed chasing Terra around the park. Jasmine is just the absolute sweetest and she reminds me a lot of Bella.

The Border Collie and Australian Shepherd; Hero and Terra
The girls <3
Hero with my pups
People and dogs


Great group shot of all the dogs-this turned out awesome!

Here are a few pictures that Sara took on her camera and shared with us:IMG_5221 IMG_5178

I love how some of the pictures turned out and it was awesome to hang with some inspirational trick dog people and pups. If you’re not familiar with Jesse, Hero, or Jasmine they can be found on YouTube and Facebook as The Super Collies (Hero along with his new sister Marvel), Jasmine (My Favorite Pup!) 🙂, and Just Jesse the Jack.

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