What does your dog do when alone? Check in on them using the Vimtag Video Camera #giveaway

Have you ever wondered what your dog does all day while you’re gone?

Or do you wish you could talk to your dog or check in on them when you’re not home?

Vimtag provides an easy way to do that.


What is Vimtag

Vimtag is a home security camera and has cameras for indoors as well as outdoors. It can be used to check in on your pet, baby, and your home.

You can access the camera using your tablet or smart phone. It’s as simple as clicking on the app to see what’s going on.

Pet Security System

I always wonder what Bella, Terra, and Kronos do when I’m not at home. Do they sleep inside on the couches like they do while I am home until it’s playtime? Or do they hang outside? I’m incredibly grateful that they are all past the teething and chewing stage, and as long as they get regular exercise or I do not leave something within reach or on the counter where Terra surfs, they don’t get into anything or generally make a mess while I’m gone.

We were provided with the Silver Vimtag VT-361 HD indoor camera to test.



Installing the video camera was a breeze with the easy to follow installation instructions that were included:

1) Plug in the camera to a wall outlet and plug in the ethernet cable to the router.

2) Download the app MIPC from the Itunes store


3) Sign up for an account-using the QR scanner to register the device and the temporary password


4) Change your password, connect to your network, and then you are finished and can unplug the ethernet cable.

Your vimtag is installed and ready to use. If you have any problems with the installation, you can contact customer support using the email support@vimtag.us or by calling 1-800-371-2929.

First test run setting up the video camera

After setting up the system in the living room, we tried the system over a couple of weeks.

Trying out the video system in the day time


Playing with the talking on the camera while in the next room
Watching me get ready to leave

While sitting at my computer desk at work, I logged onto the app to see what the pups were up to. I tried talking through the video camera, although Bella, Terra, and Kronos weren’t exactly sure where the sound was coming from. I heard a bunch of barking and then the next time I checked the screen, it had shifted completely.

Some pup turned the camera when we first tried the talking component

Later I discovered that I could pan around the room with the video camera to turn it around again. You are also able to have the camera look up towards the ceiling.

At first I saw Bella and Kronos on the couch, although when I rotated the camera or tried talking through the mic, I heard a chorus of barking and they disappeared from view again.

Kronos napping on the couch

The next few times I checked the camera, all I generally saw was a vacant couch. Once I caught a glimpse of Bella on the chair, but she left before I could take her picture.

Empty inside the house

When I came home, all the pups were outside in the yard waiting for me. So I moved the camera around and changed its location to be able to better see things.

Bella waiting for me to come home

Since there was some food left on the counter from our Thanksgiving company, Terra had to be left in my room for awhile so she wouldn’t get into trouble. I was curious to check in on her there.

Watching me get in the car and leave

I checked in while at the office and saw her taking a nap in the sunlight on the bed.

Hard to see because she looks like the blanket, but she’s sleeping near the headboard

It took me some time to realize that the camera displays in full color during the day, but at night it is either in black and white or an off color. The only problem we’ve had is that the video is slow to load or respond at time, although I attribute that to my slow internet and phone which have both been giving me trouble for a few months.

Some more features of the Vimtag include the ability to take a snapshot on the app, record video, and listen into the audio as well as talk to your pet at home. You are also able to add more than one camera on your app to have in different rooms of your house. If you’d like to follow Vimtag, you can check out their website, and you can purchase the product on Amazon.

Now onto some more fun!



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31 comments on “What does your dog do when alone? Check in on them using the Vimtag Video Camera #giveaway

  1. I totally love the idea of being able to check on my babies while I am at work. It would make a stressful day much easier.

  2. With four dogs and three cats, I vould really use this. My senior Coonhound, Suki, is having health issues and I could monitor her when I’m not home.

  3. I think it is great to be able to watch your dogs. I never know which dogs is making the mess or stealing the underwear out of the basket. Or who is shredding the newspaper. Sounds so awesome! I would love to watch what my dogs are doing while I am away!

  4. We’ve had a blast with our Vimtag but really only use the video feature to see what is going on when Mom is either not home or in another part of the house. It has been eye opening. We didn’t have any issues with slow video. We see it as fun and a tool all in one.

  5. I love this idea and would be so excited to win one. My daughter desperately needs this and it would be a perfect gift. Her puppy has made more than one emergency vet trip for puppy troubles. BOL!

  6. I don’t worry about my big girl, but I have a very young, small puppy. She is kept in a puppy playpen when I am not home, but anything can happen!! This would really put my mind at ease when I have to leave her alone at home.

  7. I think it would be fascinating to see what the pups do in our absence and what kinds of antics they try to pull! I’m imagining lots of snoozing will be happening, but I’m curious to see what else would occur!

  8. I know Chewy gets into trouble. I think Jasmine just sleeps. At least that’s what I think she does! And waits for me to get home from work. Chewy meanwhile, is probably getting into the garbage can… 😛

  9. i would love to watch what my girls are doing when i am not home. i would also like to keep tabs on my oldest dog since she is not well.

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