Meetup with The Super Collies

We got to meet up with Sara, Hero, and their newest addition Marvel in Phoenix. Sara and her two canine side-kicks are traveling across the country performing with Stunt Dog Productions in different states and events. The last time they came through Phoenix we had a meet up with Hero, Jasmine, and Jesse. This time Sara had Marvel who she got from a family who was in over their head with a high-energy Border Collie.

The girls-Miss Marvel, Bella, and Terra

We met Sara, Hero, Marvel, Heather, Jesse, Ashley, Kaine, and Lucky at a park.

All the dogs-it may be hard to see, but there are two brown dogs on the left 🙂

There was a pond, sprinklers, and lots of grass. We took lots of pictures and had fun swimming, walking around, and chatting. We walked with Marvel for awhile while Sara and Hero took pictures with Ashley and Kaine. She wasn’t too thrilled about it and really wanted to get back to Sara!

Kronos didn’t get to be in some of the pictures because he was being crazy, loud, and wanting to run around so he was tethered to a tree while we took some of the pictures

Marvel was a wonderful little lady and so well behaved. It’s hard to believe that she had some dog issues before. Sara has done such an incredible job with her in the short time they’ve been together. When we met up we walked side by side for awhile to let the dogs meet because I’ve learned Kronos can be pushy in his greetings, he gets snarky sometimes with dogs in his face (especially on leash), and he’s learning not to do that. Marvel was fabulous and her and Kronos sniffed noses for a few brief microseconds before I called him away.

Hanging out after swimming
Playing with Marvel
Bella and Marvel-Bella looks so tiny compared to Marvel and Hero!
Beautiful Bella the Blue Heeler <3
Hero is awesome and Marvel is too!
The day was perfect and beautifully overcast

The pups were exhausted after a fun day of swimming and socializing. If you haven’t heard of Sara & Hero, you can check out The Super Collies.

One more group shot. Dogs from left to right: Lucky, Kaine (GSD), Jesse, Kronos, Terra, Bella, Hero, & Marvel

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