Gourmet Carnivore: TikiDog Canned Food #ChewyInfluencer

Sometimes it’s nice to feel a little fancy in what you wear, use, or eat. Recently, we got to try out Gourmet Canned Dog Food from TikiDog.

So debonair 

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TikiDog has a variety of regular canned dog food including flavors such as Ahi Tuna on Brown Rice with Sweet Potato, Crab, Egg, Garlic and Kale in Seafood Consommé and Wild Salmon & Chicken on Brown Rice with Sweet Potato, Egg, Garlic and Kale in Salmon Consommé.

The Gourmet Carnivore line flavors include Chicken with Duck, Chicken & Liver, and Beef Liver & Chicken.

We tried the Beef Liver & Chicken.

The canned food has real pieces of beef liver, chicken breast, and beef lung housed in a thick creamy gravy broth.

Pure meat
Doggie Delight

Tiki Gourmet Carnivore comes in cases of 12 on Chewy.com and and the ARV is $41. The food is also grain-free and gluten-free which is good for dogs who may have allergies.

Bella, Terra, and Kronos enjoyed the Tiki Gourmet food as a meal topper. We shared some with our furiends and they reportedly enjoyed the Gourmet food as well and were looking for more afterward!


Is your canine a Gourmet Carnivore?

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