Fun in Flagstaff Pt. I

A couple of weeks ago we visited Flagstaff, because we were asked to dog sit up there. We jumped at the opportunity to get out of the heat, catch up with some friends, and get some real world training experience in!

We also were dog sitting a couple of our furiends from Tucson who we’ve dog sat before-Titan and Io. So they got to join us up in Flagstaff and get out of the heat for awhile. There were five dogs in Flag that we were dog sitting, but with Titan, Io, our summer guest Inca, foster Lacey, the permanent crew Bella, Terra, & Kronos, there ended up being twelve dogs in the house! The other dogs were Tonka (the huge lethal white-blind and deaf), Lexie and Sam (the two little white dogs), Henson (a little old Brussels Griffon-you won’t see him in the pics because he was mainly off sleeping or doing his own thing), and Mary Kate (another foster dog who is available for adoption through Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue).

Seven doggies asking to come in

Since we were in town for about a week, we took the opportunity to hit up many of Bella and my old haunts. Inca’s mom was in town for a short time so we met up with her downtown so they could see each other. Terra got to come along for that ride. Then we walked around for a bit, did a few tricks and some obedience practice, and then headed to the dog park. 

So many wonderful memories and experiences!

At the dog park we played some hide and seek (I hide behind trees to teach the dogs to check-in and keep an eye on me), worked on a few recalls (calling to me then releasing to go play and explore again so coming doesn’t just mean it’s time to go home) and played on the Agility equipment.

Terra and Inca at the dog park-we ended up going when there were only a few dogs there, but it was still nice

Around the house we did a few games as well-we played search games (I’d hide their breakfast kibble and they’d have to use their nose to find it) and a texture game with Kronos around the backyard (Bella and Terra have more exposure already with this). Kronos was asked to get in odd objects, jump on things, and walk on a variety of surfaces from wood to concrete to the roof of a dog house (not sure what this is made of, but it’s definitely a different texture).

A hammock, a dog house, a flower pot!-What’s next mom?

Stay tuned for Part 2 from our Adventures in Flagstaff next Tuesday! Continued in Part II

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Live Life to the Fullest,

Tiffany, Bella, Terra, & Kronos
Tiffany, Bella, Terra, & Kronos



16 comments on “Fun in Flagstaff Pt. I

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Hide and seek is one of my favorite games with Laika, she loves it so much. Searching games in general are just so great and easy to keep dogs happy and entertained. Can’t wait to read part 2.

  2. Wow – that’s a lotta pups! Fun! All of them are gorgeous! We love Flag. (Got married there cuz my parents and sis and bro and their families all lived there at the time. Would love to go back and visit some day soon.)

  3. Twelve is a big pack! We assume that everyone got along okay? Looks like fun times. I remember taking Callie to an introductory agility class and the instructor was a bit surprised that she would walk on the beam/teeter-totter. Once I explained that we hike in the wilderness and they are encouraged to walk on fallen trees, she understood.

    1. It was quite a crew! Yes-it took Kronos awhile to warm up to everyone but he did end up playing with all the dogs his size. He wasn’t sure what to make of the big lethal white canid and stayed away from him though (a lot of dogs aren’t sure what to make of Tonka and his accidental bumping around and blindness takes some getting used to).
      The real life experiences seem to make it so much easier to transfer that knowledge to the Agility equipment. Bella was exposed to backyard equipment (i.e. a saw horse, and wooden planks on cement blocks as jumps) and lots of random things in addition to playing in the forest. I always envision the dogs who have had those experiences looking at the standard equipment and thinking “This is a piece of cake!”

  4. We drove through Flagstaff on the way home from BlogPaws, but no time to stop and it was lightly snowing so we just wanted to get going. Mom went there a few times eons ago when she was in college. She went to U of A for a year and they made some road trips up there. Beautiful area.

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