Dogster Cover Dog Kronos!

We are in awe and so excited! We were perusing Facebook and stumbled across a familiar face on Dogster!! It’s Kronos! This is absolutely a dream come true for one of us and one of our human’s pics to grace the cover! Dogster used to be Dog Fancy, but it’s basically the same magazine as Dog Fancy became Dogster.

We went to the bookstore and bought a few copies.

Checking Kronos out on the magazine stands! <3

Let us know if you see Kronos out and about! We’ve already had a few of our friends tell us they’ve seen Kronos’s pic at their vet’s offices and shared with us! Snap a picture with your pup or by itself and share it on your social media tagging us @tiffanysdiamonddogs! 😀


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  1. how wonderful it this. one of my girls was featured in fido friendly for winning a contest. great picture

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