Dog Sitting in Flagstaff

At the end of June we escaped the hot Phoenix summer heat by heading north to Flagstaff for a couple of weeks to dog sit for one of our friends. The total number of dogs (including Bella, Terra, & Kronos) was 15. Most of the dogs were Heelers and many were foster dogs.

Some of the gang

We took a couple of fosters to their vet appointments and attended the Petco event for Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. Bella attended with Oprah and Dahlia as ambassadors, and we had lots of people stopping by the booth to find out more and say hi.

Oprah, Badger, Bella, Dahlia

We went on a hike with almost all of the dogs in the forest, but since it was pretty warm most of the evenings we waited until it cooled down and played a lot of fetch in the backyard.

The fetch dogs

We also took care of chickens and the dogs enjoyed helping collect the eggs and feed the hens.

Hanging in the hammock while some dogs ran around and played

We enjoyed seeing all of our furiends again.

Baby Dino Dog and Big Dino Dog-Kronos and Ky <3 Ky is a Great Dane/Heeler

Before we headed down the hill we went for a quick walk in the forest that we frequented at least weekly while living in Flag.

We all miss the forest

Everyone did really well and were easy to care for.

Flagstaff was so beautiful in the summer!


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