Terra’s First Commercial!

We’re super excited about this! This was Terra’s first commercial/video shoot! We thought it was a photo shoot and then found out later it was a video one. Terra did awesome and everyone was impressed with her training. We had some trouble with the sit/stay while being petted, but it looks like they got some good clips. Terra kept thinking being petted was a release and she kept defaulting to a down which she does when we go out and about in public. She got pretty bored with that part of the shoot and seemed to be like “You already got it! Let’s move onto something else!” She did great with all the ‘troublesome’ tricks and had a blast as you can see with those. Ironically, these things are totally Terra, though in this case the behaviors were cued 😉 She loved being the center of attention, playing, and being on set. Her favorite (which didn’t make the cut) was getting to eat some wet food that was pushed into the shoes 😉 The final product turned out amazing!

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