Surprise: Road Trip! #BlogPawsorBust

It is a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the world is flashing by, and the tires of the car are busily devouring miles on the road. We are en route to the BlogPaws 2014 conference in Las Vegas!

We found out a couple of months ago that we were Finalists in the MicroBlogger category through BlogPaws! What a huge honor (they said Finalists were chosen from over 1,000 entries!)! There are so many amazing Finalists who you can check out here.

We weren’t completely sure about attending (because of the expenses). However, we’ve been hearing for awhile that if we were serious about our Blog and ourselves that we just had to be at the conference. Well, we decided we must be crazy, but that we are serious and that we wanted to learn from the experts! An intensive three day conference attending the sessions and learning from the experts will save us so much time learning on our own! (Which we’ve been trying to do, and while we’re coming along slowly, it’s taking months [we started our Blog in September 2013]) to learn and implement our findings on our own!). So, we jumped into the water without thinking too much about it and decided to attend the conference! We booked our hotel, prepared our itinerary, loaded up the car (making sure to leave plenty of room for the swag that will be at the conference), and are on our way! We’ll be posting active play-by plays of our activities and the event happenings on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts.

Kronos loves car rides!

Although he will not be attending the conference, he is very excited about going on the road trip and exploring. He would be much more game for going on a 5 mile hike or all-day hike than going to a conference all day where he’ll have to chill during the sessions (at least for now-with some more smaller event attendance, exposure, and experience, he will be attending a BlogPaws some day in the future-one of our goals is to attend someday with all three dogs)!

Everyone is a seasoned traveler in the car (most of the time they lay down and sleep so they are prepared for whatever big adventure is to come although they also occasionally like to look out the window). It’ll be just like our drives from home to Flagstaff or Phoenix for events (although a few more hours of travel time).

My right hand gal, my shadow, and my constant companion who is always ready to tackle any adventure by my side!

Bella has been by me through childhood, through college, a ton of moving, and we are now embarking together on the beginning of our career.

Terra might be attending some of the conference-Bella will be scoping it out first and we’ll go from there. (We’re still learning how to juggle dogs, crisscrossing leashes, and equipment [cameras, treat pouch, etc.] effectively at events, although Terra’s CGC training may be put to the test and would definitely come in handy!)

We are so excited to attend the sessions and learn from the leaders, meet and see the various companies, and to put faces to people we’ve only met online! Generally we’ve met people in real life and then connect on the online sphere, not the other way around! We are so excited and so very nervous as well! If you’re at the conference, make sure you say hi to us! We’ll be trying to say hi to everyone while enjoying the conference and learning everything we can! We’ll be sharing lots of photos via our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, so check there if you want to see what’s going on at the conference.

Live Life to the Fullest,

Tiffany, Bella, Terra, & Kronos

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