On the Face of a Book

We are catching up on some of our photos and events and found these in our archives. Bella getting into a book reminded us of this book that Kronos got into and which he was the cover (here is our blog post about that). We got our copy of the “Lost Souls: Found Vol. IV” from Happy Tails Books and have been enjoying the other stories as well. You can order a book from their website if you want to enjoy the stories yourself.

We have also ordered our copies of “The Returns” and “The Showstoppers” so we can get caught up on the action before the third book comes out.

Bookmark that came with the book


Kronos posing with his book


Kronos’s story in the book

In other news, we’ve ordered some business cards and are super excited for them to come! Aaaaand, Kronos is making great progress on handstand! Now he just has to build the core muscles to sustain the position. We will be videotaping his progress and uploading it to YouTube along with some other videos.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday and week!*

*Also, stay tuned for a new type of Blog Post which we will be introducing for Thursdays-check back this Thursday or next Thursday to hear about this post.

Bella will also be attending the Heeler Happy Hour this coming Saturday as a SpokeDog and Cattle Aussies Representative to help out with the photo booth from Wind Wolf Photography. There will be lots of dog art, raffles, food, friends, and fun! If you live in Phoenix, AZ stop by to say hi and join the fun 🙂

Run free and fast, but always enjoy the journey,

Tiffany, Bella, Terra, & Kronos

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