Kronos turns 6! <3

Kronos turned 6! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. For his birthday we went for a nice loong walk which he and the girls were thrilled about.

Kronos got lots of chews and a cute sweater (which unfortunately didn’t end up fitting him, but it did fit our cousin so we gave it to him). We had another present he was supposed to get but no local pet store carried the specific toy in the right size, so we’ll probably have to order it online for his Christmas present.

We don’t want anyone to feel left out so for those pups whose birthday it isn’t, they still get some chews or treats. Bella and Terra enjoyed some pigs ears while Kronos got his special buffalo cheeky roll.

Kronos loved his hardy chew and even got so tired he had to take a few breaks and even a nap between chewing! This chew lasted him a long time which is impressive. His jaws were happily tired ^.^

For one of Kronos’s last birthdays we made some pupcakes. I enjoy baking him a cake as he loves helping with the cooking and sampling.

Keeping an eye on the cake baking

We played some Agility and did some tricks to burn off some of the treats too which was a blast!

It’s done!
Can I please have my cake now??
The finished creation!

We celebrated with our cousins, auntie, and uncle, and everyone got a slice of cake-humans and canines alike. The consensus was it was yummy! All ingredients are all human safe and dog safe. I’m looking forward to many more fun adventures with Kronos and what the future holds for us both!

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