Introducing: Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany

Hi, my name is Tiffany, and I’m the person who is owned by my wonderful pups-Bella, Terra, & Kronos. If you ever wanted to hear a general rant, crazy rant, random thoughts, or know my take on something, well “Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany” will be your chance.

It’s not often that you can see or hear from the person behind the lens or the person behind the desk (there’s a reason I prefer to be behind the camera or computer screen, and not on center stage), but it’s also hard to shed light on many topics from the dog’s perspective (and let’s face it-dogs’ teach humans much more than we teach them).

I want to be a well informed person and I am an open minded person so I want to welcome people to share their perspectives and takes on things (after all, an open mind is how people learn and grow). I also love hearing both sides of a story.

So stay tuned for “Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany,” which will officially begin in mid-February.


*random side note-my hair is naturally curly

Live every day like it is your last,



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