Friends Old and New-Tried and True

We are very behind with our Blog posting! We were originally shooting for once a week, and we will continue to definitely post on Wednesday regardless of what’s going on. However, when we have interesting or fun events come up, we’ll post more often so we don’t jam pack too much into one post each week!

We volunteer with Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue, and mom has taken pictures of their foster dogs for their website. Bella has attended many of the events as an ACD ambassador. Kronos finally got to attend his first one and we had so much fun. The rescue hosts regular Yappy Hours which are social get-togethers for humans and canines alike. The dogs hang out and play while the humans catch up.

This was Kronos’s first Yappy Hour, and Bella hadn’t been to one in quite a few months. (Terra stayed home, because she finds it fun to herd the other dogs, which is not very nice or appropriate. So once Terra has taken some Herding lessons and directs her drive appropriately then she can come again.)

Kronos had so much fun playing with the other dogs! He really hit it off with Butternut. When we first arrived, he made quick friends with Butternut. They are roughly the same size, and both kinda shy nerdy boys, so they had quite a few things in common. The boys played so nice too and were so goofy together! They both seemed to enjoy playing a lot. We’re always so tired after having such a great day!

Butternut Squats-the host’s personal pup

Kronos playing with HollyBerry while Butternut oversees

Kronos with his new biffle Butternut


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