Earth Rated Poop Bags

We won a giveaway hosted bSugar the Golden Retriever and the prize was some EarthRated Poop Bags and products. We are always excited to get a package and were very curious to see what was inside

There were two types of poop bags (rolls and handle bags), some temporary tattoos, a little notebook, and a poop bag dispenser that we can attach to our treat bag on our outings.

Here are all the goodies that were in the box

The bags were all lavender scented and boy are they strong! But, that’s good because then the smell will mask the stinky smell of what is picked up.

The Handle bags which make it easier to tie!

We also found out that the bags are made of recycled material and are all natural-which is awesome! We’re all for anything that will decrease our environmental footprint.

Refill bags


The dispenser makes it so easy to always have poop bags on hand and it’s important to have them when you go out with your pup

As we are getting to go more places, it’s vital that we take poop bags to clean up after ourselves. It is disgusting to step in poop-even fellow dog owners and lovers do not enjoy this experience and neither do dogs (have you ever noticed a dog who goes around a pile of dog poop so he or she doesn’t step in it?)!

On our last trip, we arrived at the hotel in the late evening and were welcomed there by stepping in poop that hadn’t been cleaned up.

That was not a fun welcoming.

Because of that, we are beginning to see why many places are leery of being pet friendly.

It’s courteous and simple to pick up your dog’s poop, and by doing so, you will help people be more accepting and open to welcoming your animal companions in motels, hotels, and places of business (that aren’t food related).

When we’re out and about, the last thing we want to do is step in poo.

It puts a serious damper on ours and other’s fun time.

More information about Earth Rated and their Social Media information if you would like to check them out.


Live Life To The Fullest and Enjoy Every Moment,
Tiffany, Bella, Terra, & Kronos

Disclaimer: Cattle Aussies was not compensated for this post. Cattle Aussies simply wanted to share what we consider to be a great natural company that provides a wonderful product with its readers.

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