#Wordless Wednesday: Camping Trip

Here are a few of our pictures from our recent camping trip with some of our human and canine friends:

Getting on the road. Thankfully all pups are great travelers in the car
Poor Cheddar (the orange dog in the back) hated those pesky flies and kept trying to get them away
On top of the world!
Bella napping in the crate
Ready to go for a walk
The whole canine crew-from lft to right: Cheddar, Cowboy, Terra, Sadie, Bella, Kronos, and TC
Hamming it up even on a camping trip <3
Kronos and his sister TC-they both sit so funny sometimes. Though it’s hard to see the resemblance in pictures, in person their expressions and smiles clearly indicate that they are related
One of our friends brought some Fire Magic which turned the fire blue!
We rode up with Sadie and her people to the lake. She doesn’t like dogs in her face, but she’s a good girl and she appreciated that Bella, Terra, and Kronos respected her space and listened to her if she told them she was uncomfortable
Pit stop at a little waterfall-muddy, wet, and happy pups
That rock was very high! It’s hard to see, but Kronos and Terra are standing at the top
This camping and hiking thing is fun by exhausting <3
The view from the second flight of the Fire Tower-that thing was terrifying (I’m not fond of heights and it looked super unstable), but I made it up to the second flight!
Bella loved the comfy chair of one of our friends. Next time we’ll have to bring her her own one
The coals from the fire

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  1. Love the people sits! (That’s my not-so-technical term for the weird splay-leg thing your dogs are doing when they’re sitting on their backsides.) My pug does this from time to time, but I’m never fast enough with the camera!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

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