Terra’s First Official Photo Shoot

The weekend before last Monday, the 21st, we were told that Terra was picked for her first official photo shoot! It was incredibly exciting news, although I generally work Mondays through Wednesdays in an investment firm office. Thankfully I was able to move a few hours around so Terra would be able to attend her first shoot and I would be able to go with her. Otherwise she would have gone with someone else on set.

While Terra, Bella, and Kronos all get lots of experience in front of the camera, have been in a real studio with giant soft boxes and flashes, and pose regularly with our personal little ‘studio’ set, it was an incredibly different air and experience to go on location with a variety of people. Normally I’m the Photographer, Handler/Trainer, Prop Designer, and anything else all in one. It was different to just be the Trainer with other people milling about and doing their individual parts.

Terra did so wonderfully fabulous on set with the commotion and activity-I cannot accurately express how impressed and proud I was of her, but I was. She has come such a long way from the ill-behaved under exercised crazed wild child she initially was. We cannot wait to share the photos when they come out in a few months!

After Terra’s turn on set we went through Starbucks and Terra got some cream to celebrate her official shoot and for doing so awesome.


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