Cosmic Kronos

Cosmic Kronos


Breed: Australian Cattle Dog (Queensland Blue Heeler)/Cesky Terrier X

Age: 5 years

Color: Salt & Pepper

Name Meaning: Greek God of Time

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Birthday: October 18th, 2012

Color: Blue Speckle

Name Meaning: Greek God of Time*

Nicknames: Munster Man, Dinosaur Puppy, Fire and Ice, Jekyll and Hyde, Wildling, Piranha Puppy, Wolfy Man, Charmeleon, Young Grasshopper, Greyhound Racer, Wile-y Coyote

Favorite Food: USA Made Beef Rawhide Rolls, Bully Sticks, Etta Elk Chew, RedBarn Chews, Natural Balance Rolls, Primal Liver Munchies

Favorite Activities: Soccer, Jumping, Snorkeling, Swimming, Agility, Frisbee, digging, playing in snow, chasing leaves, chewing sticks, running laps, hunting squirrels, lizards, and birds, vaulting into the pool



NTD (Novice Trick Dog)


  • Finalist in the 2013 Tails Inc. Magazine Cover Dog Contest
  • Finalist in the 2013 DOGTV Make My Dog Famous Contest
    -6th place overall
  • Dog of the Day-September 20th, 2013
  • 2nd place in the Tucson KVOA-4 News Pet Halloween Photo Contest 2013
  • Finalist in The Petties Best Pet Video Award 2014
  • Tucson Pet Expo Trick Talent Contest Performer 2014
  • Photo to appear in Credits in The Dog Wedding Movie 2016



Kronos and his family were brought in as strays to the Pinal County Animal Care and Control Shelter November 2nd, 2012. They were pulled by Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue and fostered in Marana Valley, AZ.

Here is their intake photo-Kronos is the pup on the bottom right sleeping on the white spotted pup
Up close shot of him in the shelter at about 2-3 weeks old. You can see the double dew claws on his hind paws. And his eyes still reflect these two different colors.

In rescue his name was Pimne. It is of Native American origin, and it means “Weasel” in Navajo.

Kronos is indeed a little weasel, and he weaseled his way into my heart 😉

The first pic I saw of Kronos-I was struck by the beautiful lighting

I was looking to add a Blue Boy to my family, and when I saw this litter, I was hoping it would be one of them. I immediately asked if I could foster a pup so I could see if he would mesh with the girls and the family. After looking through all of the pup’s photos on Facebook, I asked to foster Setimika, but I distinctly remember seeing the photo above and thinking I really liked this puppy. You cannot tell in this photo that he has two different colored eyes. Little did I know that little Pimne would be the one coming home with me to stay.

At his foster home in Marana Valley, AZ

When I went to photograph the pups, I was asked if I could temporarily foster another one of the pups and take him to his foster home in Flagstaff when I returned to school. I agreed, and was given “Ciqlal” to foster. However, I did not realize until months later that the puppy I had been given was not who he was said to be. Ciqlal and Pimne are pretty similar looking and were easily mixed up at their age. However, Ciqlal had two blue eyes in his baby pic, and Pimne had two different colored eyes. The tell-tale sign that defined Kronos in his puppy pictures were what I call his “Double Wings” on his chest.

The double wings on his chest give him away
Kronos on his first day home around 8-9 weeks old
He peed in the car on the way home and was a little doped up because of his medicine from his double dew claw surgery.
Many people find his name very unique and want to know the meaning behind his name. My brother actually picked the name. The Native American names were too hard to say, so we decided to pick different temporary names (because the adoptive families always change the name anyways). I gave Dan free reign to pick this pup’s name and set about finding Setimika’s perfect name (at this point I was still set on seeing if he was the pup for me). Our siblings gave us tons of name ideas and Dan picked the name “Kronos,” noting that this pup looked like a God of Time and very wizened for his young age with his two different colored eyes and frosty white speckling on his head. The name stuck, though it was spelled Kronos instead of Chronos. It wasn’t until much later that we found the perfect name for Setimika-Rebel, though he is now known as Roscoe (or Rocky for short). Kronos was officially adopted in January 2013 from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue.


“Setimika” on left and “Ciqlal” on right aka Rocky and Kronos
The white pups in the litter were tested for deafness, because it’s common for the recessive deaf gene to show up in white Heeler pups. However, both passed their BAERs with full hearing. The pup with the two blue eyes was suspected of being deaf, and his deafness was confirmed.
I suspected Kronos of being partially deaf and voiced my concerns to the rescue, because he seemed unable to locate sound. When I played hide-and-seek with him as a pup, he would fly by me to where he thought the echo came from and then eventually find me based on his nose or eyes. However, it was obvious he could hear at least a bit, because he responded beautifully to verbal cues-when he could hear them. I figured it was better to know for sure and finally, in June 2013, I scheduled his BAER test. The results were partial deafness and indicated that he is unilaterally deaf, which means he is half deaf. Kronos cannot hear out of his right ear.
Kronos was such a trooper-this was after he’d been stuck with needles for his hearing test
Being able to only half hear does not seem to slow Kronos down too much though-he still loves learning new things and is very quick when learning tricks!
While Kronos is predominately ACD, I was curious to see what else he had in him. He seems to act like a jackal or coyote and at times acts more like a wild animal than a domestic dog. I sent in a DNA test through Wisdom Panel and he came back as an ACD/Cesky Terrier Mix. Some of the other breeds that could possibly be in the mixed heritage were: Short-haired Daschund, Pharaoh Hound, Scottish Terrier, Sussex Spaniel, and Irish Setter. We also did a DNA test from Embark, and that came back as 100% ACD! They didn’t have Cesky Terriers in their breed catalog, so we can’t really compare the two or know how accurate either one is.
Interesting for sure! But whatever he is, he’s adorable.

Kronos’s Introduction Video and First Year in Video

This is an abbreviated video of his first year. Enjoy!

*For you Greek buffs, the spelling of his name is like the Titan Kronos (it looked much cooler than Chronos), but he was named for the God of Time

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