Kronos Update

Back in January, we had quite the ordeal at the vet for Kronos’s back foot. It’s been slow going and a long process, but Kronos’s foot is finally almost healed. He was on semi-limited activity and had to wear a cone. He had the skin covering the whole wound and then when playing Terra unintentionally gashed it with her teeth, so it was back to the cone.


We were doing salt foot soaks twice a day for 10 minutes combined with medicine from the vet. During the follow up appointment, the vet recommended testing for Valley Fever since he suspected the symptoms were related to that and gave us a stronger second round of anti-biotics. Kronos was on the medicine and we got probiotic supplements and an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal topical spray. For a long time his foot wound was draining liquid and would not seem to form a protective cover. Once the spray was applied, the very next day the wounds on the top and bottom of his foot immediately scabbed over. Letting Kronos do a bit of movement (but not over the top as he likes to do) which kept the blood circulating seemed to help him heal faster too.


Thankfully, his blood test came back negative for Valley Fever.

Happy to be back participating in walks and fun activities

Before Kronos’s foot blew up, I had noticed that foot seemed bigger than his right one. After the wound drained and began healing, the bump diminished noticeably and is almost gone. The fur still has to grow back over which will take more time, but Kronos’s foot is well on the way to being back to normal.

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  1. I’m really glad his foot is doing better! Those sort of injuries can be so frustrating! That’s awesome he tested negative for Valley Fever!

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