#FallFitDog Week Three: Tricks, Strength, and Conditioning

Last week we shared the backyard workout and trick circuit we created. Here’s the video of Bella, Terra, Kronos, and foster dog Missi doing some of the exercises and obstacles using all parts of their bodies including noses!

We do a variety of tricks and conditioning for fun which doubles in improving mobility, strength, and balance.

A few of those tricks include:

IMG_1131 IMG_8380 DSC01106

Many things in nature are also great for conditioning opportunities! Trees and rocks make great balance beams and they help dogs learn how to use their whole body to jump on or over.

Missi is a perfect example of a dog who didn’t quite have body awareness when we first started fostering her. Watching her leap over a ditch and try to run after everyone at the creek was less than graceful the first few times as she stumbled over the rocks and tried to maintain her footing.




We even have fun playing around when out on the town!

Benches, chairs, walls, and other objects are great to practice on! And the different textures (concrete, iron, rocks, etc.) are good to learn too.

Are there certain tricks or exercise you  do to keep your dog fit?

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  1. Just love seeing all the “tricks” your dogs do. We are not good at tricks and Mom doesn’t have the patience for training us to do them, but we love to see dogs doing them. Like you, when we are out and about, we do the posing thing on all kinds of stuff for fun and photos which is a great way to have a fun workout. Thanks for joining the challenge.

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