#Wordless Wednesday: Camping Trip

Here are a few of our pictures from our recent camping trip with some of our human and canine friends:

Wordless Wednesday: Terra Herding Sheep

Wordless Wednesday: Photos from Sibling Visit

We will be having a commentathon to commemorate Kronos’s 2nd Birthday-we hope you will join us!

Wordless Wednesday: Terra’s Lovely Collar

Sticking with the Wordless Wednesday theme this week, here are some outtakes of Terra modeling a beautiful collar we got from Stylish Canine: Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Wordless Wednesday: Video of one of Kronos’s many Noises

We’ve been busy packing everything and preparing the house for our arrival. Everything is looking great and we are excited to get into our new place! Movers come on Friday to move the big, heavy pieces for us. Follow my blog with Bloglovin