Fun in Flagstaff Pt. II

Continued from Part I. Kronos also got to be the errand helper and visit some fun places. We went to Olsen’s Grain (a wonderful little feed store and a park with lots of activity, people, and noises. Our main goal was positive exposure and experiences with as much as possible (more background on this in […]

Don’t Stare in My Eyes

Excuse me, sir… Please don’t stare in my eyes. I know they are beautiful. But didn’t your mom teach you it’s rude? I’m not sure if it’s rude in your language. But it’s very rude in mine. I don’t mind if my parents stare in my eyes. But you are a stranger. And we just […]

Training Tips Tuesday BlogHop: Changing Words to Change Minds

Before we go any further in the Training Tips Tuesday Blog Hops, we want to touch base on something very important: changing the words we use can go a long way to changing our attitudes, mindset, and actions. We created an infographic to emphasize the importance of the words that you use. The infographic says “Training […]

Training Tips Tuesday: 5 Reasons to Take a Training Class With Your Dog

This week’s post is: 5 reasons to take a training class with your dog*. We’re co-hosting this Blog Hop with DOGthusiast. The hop is the perfect place to discover what others are doing with their dogs or to let others know what you’re doing with your dogs. You could be teaching your dog a simple sit; […]