15 Awesome Brands from BlogPaws 2016

BlogPaws was jam-packed with so many people, dogs, learning sessions, and pet product companies. The conference still feels recent although it happened a few months ago. We enjoyed meeting all the representatives and seeing people from previous years. We saw lots of brands we recognize, some we’ve worked with, and others that are new to […]

Merrick’s New Backcountry Raw Infused Dog Food

We are super excited to share this new line of dry dog food that Merrick recently came out with called Backcountry Raw Infused. The dry dog food is an beginning intermediary step between dry processed kibble and a raw-fed diet (find out what a raw feeder thought of Merrick’s new line of food). The food […]

Treats from #Chewy.com

We received a surprise package from Chewy.com! It got waylaid in the mail, because it got sent to our old address. We were so excited about the package! There was even some human things like pens, notepads, bracelets, a drink cup, and some sunglasses (though those will be ours for photo shoots ;)). The package was […]