Super Circuit: Fall Fit Dog Challenge Week Two

This wee’s Fall Fit Dog Challenge was to create a super circuit. We gathered various objects from around the house and made a fun circuit in our yard. The items we used were: An Agility jump FitPaws Wobble Board FitPaws Balance Disc FitPaws Pods Boxes Water bucket Hula-Hoops A table, foam pad, and plastic doggie […]

Fall Fit Dog Challenge: Week One

Staying fit is a lifestyle commitment and can be somewhat of a challenge if you have a busy schedule. We stay active and fit a variety of ways. One way is using moving puzzle toys for meal times. The puzzles are not only mentally stimulating because the dogs have to think through how to get […]

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Did you know that around 52.7% of dogs are either overweight or obese? Or that it can reduce canine life expectancy by 2 years? That’s pretty scary. With highly processed foods loaded with excessive sugar or ingredients that are quickly converted to sugar-and ultimately to fat for storage if not used, and a more sedentary modern day lifestyle, […]