Dog-related FAQ

Q:What are the breeds of the canine stars?
A: Bella is a purebred Queensland Blue Heeler, also known as an Australian Cattle Dog or Heeler which comes in Red and Blue. Kronos is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Terra is a purebred Australian Shepherd.
Q: Where did you get them?
A: Bella came from a family who had a litter of pups. Terra came from a breeder who specializes in working and show Australian Shepherds. Kronos was adopted from Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue.
Q: Do you recommend a dog from a Breeder or from a Rescue?
A: This is completely an individual choice. We support reputable breeders who have health cleared dogs bred for function, temperament, form, and who raise the puppies in a household environment. Dogs should be able to breath, play, walk, swim, and be physically able to do what they were originally bred to do. It’s even better if the breeder uses the Puppy Culture stimulation and exposure program and it’s always advisable you meet both parents first to have an idea of what the puppies will be like. We also support reputable rescue organizations who put the dog’s needs first and match based on the dogs temperament, energy level, and the family’s needs/interests. If you’re interested in getting a dog through a rescue and are looking for a specific breed, there may be some breed specific rescues you can research and explore. Either way you go, make sure you’ve researched the breed or the mixes of breeds that you’re going to get so you have an idea of what you’re getting into with that breed.
Q: Aren’t Cattle Dogs and Aussies the same?
A: No, they are two distinct AKC recognized breeds. One is the Australian Cattle Dog (which comes in Blue and Red) and the other is the Australian Shepherd. Also, there are Queensland Heelers and Lancashire Heelers which are each different breeds.
Q: Are Australian Shepherds from Australia?
A: Just to confuse you, no. 😉 Australian Shepherds are an American bred breed (Mini Aussies are now officially called the American Shepherd). However, the Australian Cattle Dog is an Australian breed and it was mixed with a dingo in its heritage. Another interesting fact is that Australians call redheads and Red Heelers “Bluies.”
Q: Your dogs are amazing! Should I get a Heeler or Aussie for my next dog?

A: If you love Great Danes, American Eskimos, a mixed breed, or some other breed, get that breed and have fun with your dog. ACDS and Aussies are certainly not for everyone. Both breeds are bred to boss around a 1500 lb cow and bite the nose if the livestock refuses to budge. Both breeds will nip your ankles, chase you if you run, are very high energy, and will destroy your house without an appropriate outlet. Aussies have guarding tendencies, and Heelers can be headstrong, reserved with strangers, and protective. Do your research on dog breeds-there are over 250 out there and each one is different and good for certain lifestyles. If you love the look, energy, temperament, coat maintenance, barkiness, and other characteristics of a breed, go for it. While energy levels can vary in individuals of the same breed, if you’re a couch potato and don’t want to walk your dog much, but still want a dog, maybe a companion breed is perfect such as a Cocker Spaniel or Havanese. If you are super active and want a dog who can fetch, swim, run, and go for a walk without easily overheating, you probably would want to be careful getting a Frenchie, Bulldog, or other brachephelic breed that has genetic breathing problems and may opt for a different breed. If certain coat types bother your eyes and nose, maybe a short haired dog or hypoallergenic Poodle would be a better fit.

Q: What is the story behind the name?
A: We were previously known as the Cattle Aussies, but it quickly became prevalent that people were confused by this name. For awhile I had been signing my correspondence with my dogs’ and my names, but that became tedious. At first I shortened it to Tiffany & Co., but the problem there is that is a big trademarked jewelry company. But since my name is Tiffany, I decided to go off of the jewelry theme and came up with the Diamond Dogs. My dogs are diamonds in the rough, because although they are each so far from perfect, they are perfect for me.
Q: Who are your biggest training inspirations?
A: Our original training inspiration were NanaTheBorderCollie and JollyVicky on YouTube. Our other inspirations are Jumpy the Border Collie and Secret the Aussie.

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