Is my dog overweight?

Recently I was reading a post online about whether a person’s dogs were overweight. It can be a sensitive topic to some, but it’s important to know if your dog is or isn’t for their health and well-being. There are many groups, forums, and articles about a fit dog versus an ideal body or an […]

Tapping into Herding Instinct

We had a great time this past weekend spending the day with friends catching up, visiting, and herding sheep with Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. We were allowed two potential slots per household so Bella and Kronos signed up. They had fun herding the sheep. Bella mostly followed me and wanted to be with me, but […]

5 Indoor activities and Games for Your Dog#HealthierTogether

It’s important to get outside, get fresh air, and go for walks at all times of the year. However, there may be some days which are not optimal for outdoor activities such as lightning storms, wind storms, or bitterly cold wintry days. Living in Phoenix, for most of the summer the days are scaldingly hot. […]

One of the Ways we Live #HealthierTogether

I live with some high-energy dogs. They enjoy a myriad of activities to stay fit and active as well as to engage their minds. If you’ve followed our blog and social media for awhile you know we’ve done a few different outdoor activities including stand up paddleboarding, canoeing, and lots of swimming too. Ā We enjoy […]

High protein Wellness CORE canned dog food

Wellness has a line of dog food called Wellness CORE. The canned food comes as a mixture of a variety of proteins. The two flavorsĀ that came in this variety pack are: Turkey, porkĀ liver, and duck Turkey, chicken liver, and turkey liver The ingredients include carrots, flaxseed, spinach, apples, blueberries, and kale. The cans ARVĀ for a […]

Dog Sitting in Flagstaff

At the end of June weĀ escapedĀ the hot Phoenix summer heat by heading north to Flagstaff for a couple of weeks to dog sitĀ for one of our friends. The total number of dogs (including Bella, Terra, & Kronos) was 15. Most of the dogs were Heelers and many were foster dogs. We took a couple of […]

Nutramax Cosequin Joint Health Supplement

As dogs get older it is especially important to pay attention to their joints. While I want to deny Bella is agingĀ and I still call her my puppy, her back legs have gotten weaker and she’s showing signs of arthritis. I keep her at a healthy weight because I want her to live as long […]

AAWL Walk to Save Animals

We attended the Arizona Animal Welfare League Walk to Save Animals at Tempe Town Lake. There was a 2K walk and a 5K one. We walked the 2K only because there were so many other awesome things to check out at the event. Bella, Terra, and Kronos had fun on the natural obstacles while walking […]