Top 5 Things We Are Thankful For


From Bella, Terra, Kronos

We just wanted to take a few moments to say a few of the things we are immensely thankful for:

1. Our human and our family

2. To have a warm roof over our head

3. The delicious food we get everyday

4. Amazing treats and daily walks

5. That we are incredibly loved

We are thankful for so much more, but these are our Top 5!

We also just want to take a moment to forewarn you against sharing your Thanksgiving foods with your animal friends. A lot of your food is way too rich for our bellies and some of it is even toxic to us. Here is a great infographic explaining what not to give us and why.

So even if we stare pitifully at you and beg for your food, make sure to only give us safe food. Give us our own special chews or pet-safe treats when we win you over with our doleful stares so you feel good about sharing and we are safe too.

Mom started our day off with yummy treats of real TurkeySweet Potato, and Chicken from Whole Life Pet Products. They were so tasty! It made mom feel good to share with us, while keeping our health and happiness foremost in her mind. And we were more than happy to partake in these delectable treats! We have lots of doggie safe treats that we’ll be getting throughout the day such as a Smoked Jumbo RibBuffalo bully stix, and lamb lung. Mom even said something about making sweet potato treats and maybe some RedBarn stew or chicken breast with dinner! Here is a great recipe on Dog Sweet Potato Treats.

Whole Life Pet Food Products treat samples:

Chicken, Turkey, and Sweet Potato

We hope you have a great day with your friends and family if you celebrate this holiday.

Wags and Kisses,
Bella, Terra, & Kronos

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