Active and fun mealtime: #Chewy Treat Buddy Toy

Chewy provided us the Twist and Treat Treat dispensing toy. The design is different than many other puzzles that we have. To fill the toy, you simply unscrew the two sides, fill up the middle with treats, dog food, or a stuffer such as peanut butter, then reattach the two sides and give to your dog. You […]

A self-entertaining dog toy

A toy for a dog to play by itself? I’ll admit this was a very strange concept to me. Yes, puzzles are basically toys where the dogs play by themselves, but they are playing to get the food or treats out. However, many of the games and toys we have are interactive and the pups enjoy playing […]

The New Looking Glass: MegaMesh Magnetic Screen Door

Natural light makes a house feel so open, welcoming, and fresh. I prefer the natural light and am used to big open windows in a house, because that’s what I grew up with. However, the house we  live in now has a solid front door which casts deep shadows in the front entryway. I like to […]

Honest Kitchen Review/Giveaway

Last Monday we posted a teaser photo on our Facebook page. This Monday we are excited to share with you what was actually in the package! The pups are quickly becoming accustomed to getting mail and know that packages mean fun and maybe delicious things. When the package was brought in, all three gave it a […]

Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany: Staying Positive in the face of Adversity

It can be kind of hard to stay positive when a problem arises. Yesterday we had something come up, which is why we are a little late in posting this week. The dogs were loaded up and we were on the way to have a day of fun and to play in water to celebrate […]

Earth Rated Poop Bags

We won a giveaway hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever and the prize was some EarthRated Poop Bags and products. We are always excited to get a package and were very curious to see what was inside There were two types of poop bags (rolls and handle bags), some temporary tattoos, a little notebook, and a poop bag dispenser that […]

Diamond Dog Critique: #PetBox Review and Giveaway

Today we’d like to take the time to share a convenient and high-quality subscription service. We were selected to receive and review a whole box of goodies via PetBox. We waited anxiously for ours to arrive and were very excited when it came in the mail. Before we share what we received in our PetBox, we’d […]

Cattle Aussie Product Critique: Peak Antlers

We received 3 large antlers to review. Two are elk antlers and one is a deer antler. We are so excited about these chews! What follows is the Cattle Aussies Critique: Photo Credit: Wind Wolf Photography/Tiffany Hughes Here are the antlers we received-the deer is the one on the far left and the other two […]