Is my dog overweight?

Recently I was reading a post online about whether a person’s dogs were overweight. It can be a sensitive topic to some, but it’s important to know if your dog is or isn’t for their health and well-being. There are many groups, forums, and articles about a fit dog versus an ideal body or an […]

Show Off Your Dog’s Waistline

We’re joining in Dawg Business’s Blog Hop to Show off Your Dog’s Waistline. We’ve shared more about Bella’s journey (she gained a lot of weight when I went away to college) and why age is absolutely no excuse for a dog to be overweight. We’ve also included a couple of more pictures to show the […]

Canoeing and Day at the Lake

This weekend we spent the day at Patagonia Lake to finish off Kronos’s birthday celebration. I had spent the weekend attending a workshop in Phoenix and then went on a road trip to Los Angeles with my family. So after a week of not much activity, Bella, Terra, and Kronos were more than ready to […]