Bella’s 14th Birthday!

Wow! Bella recently turned 14! I cannot believe it. And nor does she look it! It seems like just yesterday she was a wee little pup. Bella got a beautiful cake with her likeness drawn on the top from My Best Friend’s Barkery, a new collar, some treats, a pig’s ear (she grew up on […]

Fun in Flagstaff Pt. I

A couple of weeks ago we visited Flagstaff, because we were asked to dog sit up there. We jumped at the opportunity to get out of the heat, catch up with some friends, and get some real world training experience in! We also were dog sitting a couple of our furiends from Tucson who we’ve […]

Best Pet Video Award Finalist

We were informed that the video of Kronos asking to go swim was a Finalist in The Petties Best Pet Video Awards! This was such a major pleasant surprise! If we win, we will win a $1,000 donation to the rescue of our choice! The rescue we are designating for this will be Arizona Cattle […]

Training Tips Tuesday

If you have a nervous Nellie kind of dog, here are a couple of resources which might be of interest to you: One of the books I just started reading is “Don’t Shoot the Dog!” by Karen Pyror. Something interesting in the first few pages is how trainers manage to interact with llamas. To begin with, the […]

Training Tips Tuesday BlogHop: Changing Words to Change Minds

Before we go any further in the Training Tips Tuesday Blog Hops, we want to touch base on something very important: changing the words we use can go a long way to changing our attitudes, mindset, and actions. We created an infographic to emphasize the importance of the words that you use. The infographic says “Training […]

Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Our first BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop on our new Blog! We were previously Cattle Aussies and are now Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs. Sorry for the repeat-but I’m in love with this picture from Kronos’s first Dock Diving Class!  

Training Tuesday Blog Hop: Intro to the Dog Sport World’s Dock Diving

The Dog Sport world is still new to us, but we are quickly becoming hooked on the wide array of sports and chomping at the bit to try them all someday! This last Sunday was our first Dock Diving class. Taking a dog sport training class is a belated birthday present to myself. It is the […]

Honest Kitchen Review/Giveaway

Last Monday we posted a teaser photo on our Facebook page. This Monday we are excited to share with you what was actually in the package! The pups are quickly becoming accustomed to getting mail and know that packages mean fun and maybe delicious things. When the package was brought in, all three gave it a […]

Introducing Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs!

Welcome to our new site! For those who have already been following us or who we met at BlogPaws, you will have known us as the Cattle Aussies. Now we are introducing ourselves as the Diamond Dogs! It’s like a new haircut, a new piece of clothing, or a new chewtoy, but this one seems […]