Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany: Staying Positive in the face of Adversity

It can be kind of hard to stay positive when a problem arises. Yesterday we had something come up, which is why we are a little late in posting this week. The dogs were loaded up and we were on the way to have a day of fun and to play in water to celebrate […]

Earth Rated Poop Bags

We won a giveaway hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever and the prize was some EarthRated Poop Bags and products. We are always excited to get a package and were very curious to see what was inside There were two types of poop bags (rolls and handle bags), some temporary tattoos, a little notebook, and a poop bag dispenser that […]

Treats from!

We are still alive-we promise! We’ve been having major technical difficulties which we have had a stern talking with our human about. Our hard drive stopped working, so we are looking for a new computer (the other one is kinda ancient, so we’re taking it as a sign to invest in a new one for […]

Cattle Aussie Product Critique: Peak Antlers

We received 3 large antlers to review. Two are elk antlers and one is a deer antler. We are so excited about these chews! What follows is the Cattle Aussies Critique: Photo Credit: Wind Wolf Photography/Tiffany Hughes Here are the antlers we received-the deer is the one on the far left and the other two […]