Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany: Staying Positive in the face of Adversity

It can be kind of hard to stay positive when a problem arises. Yesterday we had something come up, which is why we are a little late in posting this week. The dogs were loaded up and we were on the way to have a day of fun and to play in water to celebrate […]

Wordless Wednesday: More photos from #BlogPaws 2014

Taking a break between sessions to play some fetch outside Bella and Terra trying out their paws as interviewers ūüôā Evening on the red carpet for the awards ceremony

Merry Christmas from the Cattle Aussies!

Merry¬†Christmas! from all of us to you! We hope you have a fabulous day with your family and friends and remember that the Holiday is mainly about spending time with those you love and appreciate. Also, remember that animals do¬†NOT¬†make good Christmas¬†presents¬†unless you have talked to the person and they are truly ready and willing […]

FitDog Friday: Age is NO Excuse to be Overweight!

Bella¬†just turned 10 this December and she has lost a lot of weight since last year. Age is no excuse for a dog being obese or overweight.¬†Can you see the difference between the photo above and the photo below? There’s actually a nice upward tuck in the second one and not a solid waist. Bella […]

Top 5 Things We Are Thankful For

Happy¬†Thanksgiving! From Bella, Terra, Kronos We just wanted to take a few moments to say a few of the things we are immensely thankful for: 1. Our human and our family 2. To have a warm roof over our head 3. The delicious food we get everyday 4. Amazing treats and daily walks 5. That […]

Bella the Helpful Heeler

Bella has been busy helping me around the house-from cleaning up to doing the chores. She is my faithful companion, and she is always by my side. Bella enjoys learning new tricks-her eyes light up and her tail wags continuously. Bella is trained using positive reinforcement, relationship-based training, and clicker training.   If you enjoyed […]

Happy Halloween from the Cattle Aussies

It’s that time of year again-where we dress up and go out and collect candy. It’s the time where we get to pretend to be whatever we want-a fairy, ghoul, or an alien. The sky is the limit! The humans scare themselves just for fun, and their dogs are subjected to being dressed up in¬†all […]

Bella’s First Therapy Dog Visit and Other News

We apologize for the late post! We had someone call to come look at our house (which we are in the process of selling) so we spent most of the day cleaning the house for it to be shown. Then we went and played in the river, because mom promised us an outing and we […]

Weekly Surprise

This week has been full of surprises! We found out a couple of pieces of awesome news! We are all entered in various contests. Terra was entered in the PetHub’s Summer Adventures Video Contest. Terra, Kronos, and Bella were entered in the DogTV’s Make My Dog Famous Contest. And Bella was entered in the Tracie […]