Bella’s 14th Birthday!

Wow! Bella recently turned 14! I cannot believe it. And nor does she look it! It seems like just yesterday she was a wee little pup. Bella got a beautiful cake with her likeness drawn on the top from My Best Friend’s Barkery, a new collar, some treats, a pig’s ear (she grew up on […]

Bella featured in AKC Family Dog Magazine

Bella was featured in the Summer version of AKC Family Dog Magazine! We were so excited to see it! Though some of the facts got majorly skewed, we’re still super excited about this opportunity ­čÖé

Bella turns 12

Bella turned twelve years old on December 15th. I cannot believe that it’s been that long! For her birthday she got a special pup cake and some delicious treats. I cannot imagine her any different than how she looks now, but we’ve both done a lot of growing and have changed a lot over the […]

Thursday Thoughts with Tiffany: Staying Positive in the face of Adversity

It can be kind of hard to stay positive when a problem arises. Yesterday we had something come up, which is why we are a little late in posting this week. The dogs were loaded up and we were on the way to have a day of fun and to play in water to celebrate […]

Merry Christmas from the Cattle Aussies!

Merry┬áChristmas! from all of us to you! We hope you have a fabulous day with your family and friends and remember that the Holiday is mainly about spending time with those you love and appreciate. Also, remember that animals do┬áNOT┬ámake good Christmas┬ápresents┬áunless you have talked to the person and they are truly ready and willing […]