Recommended Reading and Resources

Are you looking for a new animal book to read?

Do you want to enhance your relationship with your dog?

Do you want to understand your dog better?

Do you want to help your canine companion live the healthiest and longest life possible?

This is our recommended reading list in relation to these topics (these are not how-to training or behavior problem books per say. Instead these are books that help you understand the intricate and fascinating animal world which could lead to a better relationship with your animal).

The first two books are must reads for any dog lover or owner

These are books that we have read ourselves and give two-paws up to:

“Calming Signals: What your Dog Tells You”*
~Turid Rugaas

“Barking: The Sound of a Language”
~Turid Rugaas

“The Other End of the Leash”
~Patricia McConnell

Animals in Translation
~Temple Grandin

Animals Make Us Human
~Temple Grandin

Bones would Rain from the Sky
~Suzanne Clothier

Pukka’s Promise
~Ted Kerasote

“Shy Boy”
~Monty Roberts

“For the Love of a Dog”
~Patricia McConnell

Animal Documentaries



BCC’s Documentary “Pedigree Dogs Exposed


Blackfish-available for viewing on Netflix


Other General Recommended Resources


Fed Up

Rich Dad, Poor Dad



The Big Short

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