Kronos’s First Official Photo Shoot

Last week Kronos had his first official photo shoot!! Bella had hers back in February and Terra had hers last July.

Kronos got his nails trimmed, teeth and ears cleaned, and bathed and brushed before his big day. He was a little tired from his two long walks (one which included lots of running and swimming at the canal) from the day before. Overall Kronos did very well and I’m very happy with how he did, although we also have a few areas we’ll be working on improving for future.

We were on set for most of the day. We brought lots of delicious treats and Kronos’s special toys including his jolly ball and pillow. After the shoot Kronos got some Starbucks cream and some of a breakfast sandwich to celebrate.


Once the pictures have been released, we will share them and we cannot wait to do that!

So sleepy after the shoot

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