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Did you know that around 52.7% of dogs are either overweight or obese? Or that it can reduce canine life expectancy by 2 years?

That’s pretty scary.

With highly processed foods loaded with excessive sugar or ingredients that are quickly converted to sugar-and ultimately to fat for storage if not used, and a more sedentary modern day lifestyle, it’s important to be aware of what your dogs eat, what’s in it, and how much of a quality food is fed in relation to activity level (for more information why even when people chose ‘healthier’ foods they not only didn’t lose much weight, but some actually gained more weight even with increased exercise because of what is put in many foods, watch “Fed Up.”). A great resource for wholistic canine health is Dr. Dobias’s website. His Border Collie is 14 years old and is in excellent health and shape.

Given that I’m so attentive to what I feed my dogs and dedicated to keeping them fit, I am also scrutinizing my own food intake and adjusting it to be better as well. I’m a sugar addict. I have a bad sweet tooth and love my sweets. I choose not to drink alcohol (because my mother was an alcoholic and it ultimately killed her liver and her), smoke (I cannot breathe the smoke secondhand and have seen what lungs look like from lung cancer-no thank you! I was so proud of my birth mother when she quit smoking cold turkey-it may have been because she found out that it can also be damaging and detrimental to your pet’s health though I’m not entirely sure), or do drugs. But when I found out excessive sugar is a lethal equivalent to smoking or drinking, that was a big wake up call. No, I’m not giving up all sugar, although I will be more conscientious and aware of my sugar intake. I was appalled to find out that a ‘healthy’ vegetable juice I had been buying had a lot of sugar! Though it claimed to be just veggies in the ingredients based on the front of the package and healthy.

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10 comments on “Join the #FitPetChallenge (s)

  1. My mom is a sugar addict too, and she says we eat healthier than she does. Just like food and treats for dogs with misleading packaging, human foods can be the same way. One always has to read the labels.

  2. I’m not craving a lot of sugar, which is definitely a good thing 😉 My vice is coffee, but I only add 2% organic milk to it, and load up on water every day. My husband calls me a water snob because it HAS to be filtered and cool (not ice cold, but also not warm). Thankfully, I can’ t stand soda 😉 I will have a chocolate chip cookie here & there, but it’s not an everyday kind of craving.

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