Fit Dog Friday: Fall Festival Performance

Fit Dog Adventures last weekend:

In between performing with our furiends at a Fall Festival-all of the pups did incredible
Getting ready before the performance
Bella and Lucky were up first
Kronos did incredible with all of the commotion. He didn’t care about the screaming and running kids or the jumping castle. He was so excited and full of energy and had fun doing his jumps and skateboarding. He did get a little overwhelmed when a ton of kids swarmed him after his performance, but he did good.
Jesse, Kronos, and Kaine on a firetruck! The fireman was nice to let us pose there
Kronos was so excited
At Tucson Dogtoberfest. There was hot dog bobbing, a speed dog event, tunnels to run through, and an obstacle course that we tried. Sadly our little camera corrupted all of the video and pictures from that day and others have had similar problems with that same camera…We will be returning or contacting the manufacturer to get a new one.

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