Enter your dog in the Cycling’s Raddest Dogs Photo Contest

Here’s a fun contest we found out about that we thought you may be interested in entering!:

Bicycling.com is currently searching for Cycling’s Raddest Dogs.

Bicycling Magazine Search for Cycling’s Raddest Dog

Cool dogs are everywhere, including around people who ride bikes—dashing along singletrack races, wagging a greeting (or yawning from a sleepy corner) in bike shops, yapping encouragement at Cyclocross races, cruising around in bike trailers, working the booths at cycling trade shows and swap meets, and generally stealing our hearts with their adorability, affability, and athletic ability.

That’s why Bicycling has launched a search for the Raddest Dogs in Cycling.


1. Go to http://www.bicycling.com/…/photo-contest-cyclings-raddest-d…

2. Submit a photo and a written testament of the nominated furry friend’s bonafides.

The canine who fetches the most votes will be featured in the pages of Bicycling Magazine, and considered for the magazine’s cover.

Entries close Nov. 20.

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