Feature in BarkPost and BarkBox book “Dogs and Their People”

We’ve been published in a book!!


We recently got our copy of “Dogs and Their People” book by BarkPost and BarkBox. Bella, Terra, and Kronos along with Kronos’s picture is featured with many incredible people and dogs including Tuna Melts My Heart, emnwng, Just Jesse the Jack, and Surf dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog! among others.

Our page in the book-we also got a cute dog toy plush version of the book!

“Dogs and Their People” is a compilation of stories about dogs and the people who love them. From the person who sews her pup’s favorite toys back together (even though she notes she could just get new ones) to people who throw barkdays for their dogs and would rather spend time with their dogs to many more stories!

This book is mine 😉

But don’t worry, you can get your own copy here: www.barkshop.com/barkbook ?

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