When you’re caught red pawed! Kronos says it wasn’t me!

**Someone had commented on Reddit that you can’t just film something like this and expect to fix the behavior.

While it’s true if you see your dog doing a behavior that you don’t like, you should certainly teach your dog something different, in relation to this for us there is nothing to ‘fix.’

Kronos is not a destructive dog at all and this was a super cute moment as he acts all innocent after seeing that I’m taping his fun (pricked ears and lays head down watching with his puppy eyes-*note also that what some people say is a dog acting ‘guilty’ is actually the dog giving what is called an appeasement or cutoff signal, but that’s a topic for another blog post*). Kronos does not chew up inappropriate items and when he was a pup he loved to carry around my shoes. He never chewed on them.

The pillow toys to us are just a bigger version of stuffie toys and in our household Kronos is allowed to play with his pillow toys, shake, throw around, de-stuff, and destroy them. He doesn’t ingest them and once destroyed I pick up the pieces and throw it away.

We buy pillows from thrift stores and wash them and they make great durable dog toys! 😉 These will last weeks to months if not longer. The dog toys we’ve gotten from pet stores were destroyed and shredded in less than an hour-actually one that was pretty pricey was destroyed in minutes with a short tug session between Terra and Kronos.

Kronos also gets lot of exercise, interaction, chews, and training as outlets for his natural energy and intelligence. Some people may not allow what is done in this video and those people should ensure their dogs are getting enough stimulation, exercise, and proper chews so their dogs don’t become bored and inappropriately destructive chewers. Check out some of our trick videos for things to teach your dog, our puzzle video for ideas on brain games, or some titles to pursue with your dog to tire them out.

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